What are pension funds thinking about?

August revealed that pension funds are certainly gearing up for quarterly board meetings. Not only is the staple diet of many pension funds (equities and fixed income) front of mind - a list of the top search terms reveals some of the key topics that are concerning pension fund trustees.

Top 10 Searches in August

  1. Stocks
  2. Equities
  3. Alternative Risk Premia
  4. ESG
  5. Municipal Bonds
  6. Governance
  7. Fixed Income
  8. Investment Consultant
  9. mallowstreet University
  10. MSCI

I’d like to pick out the number four search term, ESG. Last month, we asked the community the following question: Do you measure and monitor climate related risks and opportunities in your portfolio?

54% said they do measure and monitor climate related risks and opportunities in their portfolio, and 46% said they do not. There has been an interesting discussion off the back of the survey. If this is a topic that is of interest, do hold the morning of 15th November - we are pulling together a workshop to unpack some of the key questions the industry is currently grappling with.

We have a full events calendar for the remainder of 2017. Please click here to see everything we’ve got on, and register for those education topics you’d find useful.