The Future of Sustainability for UK pensions

mallowstreet exists to help solve the pensions and savings crisis; to make sure that everyone who has a promised pension is paid it in full. To do this, we work collaboratively across the pensions industry to look at long term trends, insights and issues that are gaining traction and visibility across all of our members on mallowstreet.

One such theme was “sustainability” and so earlier this month, we hosted our first mallowstreet Sustainability Forum.

But what does sustainable investment really mean?

This is one of the key question we looked to address. Earlier this year, we noticed that the following terms and phrases were starting to appear more often in mallowstreet searches:

• Responsible Investment;

• ESG (Economic, Social and Governance Factors);

• ESG Mandate Design / Investment;

• Climate Change;

• Renewable and Alternative Energy Projects and Investments;

• Sustainable Investment Portfolio;

• Risk Management and Sustainability;

mallowstreet Sustainability Forum

For this workshop, we brought together a diverse cross-section of our community; including trustees, investment committee members, lawyers, investment consultants, asset managers, and policy advisors.

We were joined by four world class speakers: Jillian Reid (Mercer), Martin Rich (The Future Fit Foundation), Madeline Forrester (MFS Investment Management), Jon Williams (PwC). Each provided a fascinating talk about how pension funds should be thinking about Sustainability, and offered ideas on how to deal with the associated risks when making investment decisions.

It is clear that Pension funds across the world are keen to integrate sustainability criteria into their investment strategy. Key drivers for this have been a heightened sense of social responsibility for pension fund scheme members and the entrance of renewable energy investments.

Continue the discussion online

We have continued the discussion on with a Forum discussion "The Future of Sustainability".

It would be great to hear from other community members.How are you consider the risks associated with Sustainability in your portfolio?