Welcome to mallowstreet's new blog

While we have been blogging and vlogging inside mallowstreet's secure community portal, this is a first for us - a public blog.

Having recently relaunched a completely new version of the community portal, we thought it would be worthwhile creating a publicly accessible blog where we can cover topics of tech features, community insights, views and opinions from our team and maybe even some guest posts on the state of play of pensions in the UK or further afield.

Some of the more regular faces on the blog here will be Stuart, who heads up the operations broadly across the business, Bryan who heads up commercials, Sam who looks after our clients, Vicki who looks after our event logistics and data needs and me who heads up the tech side.

Other than via this broadcast medium, we are of course contactable through social media, email, and phone... and if you are in the area do pop into our office for a cup of coffee (or tea).

Welcome to the new mallowstreet Blog!