mallowstreet Update: New Functionality

We are regularly updating the functionality on mallowstreet and have some recently updated features that you might like to know about. As always, we would love your feedback.

Featured image in blogs: Now you can adjust the alignment of the featured image when you create a new blog. Simply click on the Add Teaser Image button, select your image and then drag it into position within the featured image window.

Aligning and adjusting images: When you are adding images to your blog or in the comments elsewhere, they can now be edited to align left, right, centre or full width. Simply press the enter button, then press the camera icon to add a new image. Once the image is then added you can click on it to then set how you want it to align. You can also remove the image by clicking on the 'X' in the top right of the image. Finally, if you want to add comments or attribution to the image you can do this by clicking in the image to open the attribution.

Today page and Newsfeed updates: We have updated the Today page and the Newsfeed to be more intuitive. Hopefully the new icons and format make it a lot easier to identify the content summary in the update cards.

Updated preferences and settings: When you click on your avatar in the top right of the page you can now jump straight to your profile and your organisation profile. This is also where you come to update your profile and to edit your existing content (select Manage). We have also moved the Logout here. To change your password or your preferences for automatic notifications, click Settings.

Subscribe to forums: You can now subscribe to forums that you are interested in following. Simply click on the follow button in the forum and you will receive automatic notifications when the forums are updated.
You can unsubscribe from these via your preferences Settings (see above).

If you'd like any help with the site and functionality, do let us know via hello [at]