mallowstreet Rocks: Hanging out with the Bands - The Artisan Partners House Band

With just one week to go until our bands take to the stage on the 11th February, we spent 5 minutes getting to know The Artisan Partners House Band!

The Artisan Partners House Band comprises perhaps the most, well-travelled gang of studio musicians in recording history. Fresh from their acclaimed “No Redemptions” tour of Europe & the Middle East, the line-up includes:

  • Bass: Andrew “Stretch” Marks. Raised in Harlem in the mid-70s as the lovechild of Bootsy Collins and Janis Joplin. (EMEA Distribution)
  • Lead Guitarist: Sid “George Benson” Kulenovic. Crowned best teeth-playing guitarist of his generation in Yugoslavia …a title he still holds today for largely historical reasons. Prone to sulking whenever anything written after 1970 is proposed for the set list. (IT, London).
  • Vocals/Keyboards: Multi-instrumentalist Tay “Ninja” Incekara. Pop cheerleader at a time when the band looked like it was fast-becoming a Grand Funk Railroad cover band. (Compliance)
  • Vocals: Richard “Don’t use my real name” Logan. Northern Ireland born, Americana folk hero signed to Van Morrison’s label as a young child. (Senior Analyst, Global Equity Team).
  • Vocals: Sabina “R’cotix” Boureni. Showed up erroneously one evening at rehearsals looking for the company talk on nutrition. The Parisian secured a spot in the band after successfully completing a short quiz on new wave French punk bands. (EMEA Distribution).
  • Rhythm Guitar: Joey “wah-wah” Kiatlertpongsa. Gifted child protégé on the classical guitar, now working on his first crossover album. Never used a pedal before. (Research Associate, Global Equity Team).
  • Drummer – Thierry “Thunder” Clarke. Thierry is the only non-Artisan member of the band. Drafted in when it was decided a pre-samples Dr Rhythm drum machine simply would not work due to the consistency of its time-keeping.
  • Dancing, Backing Vocals, Percussion: Julie Anderson & Hannah Greene, collectively known as “The Whatevers” (Marketing & Comms/EMEA Distribution).

Q: What made you want to join the line-up for mallowstreet Rocks 2016?

A: A moment of weakness

Q: Who is your chosen Charity and why have they been selected?

A: Nordoff Robbins, a national music therapy charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK.

Q: What is your favourite track on your set list for mallowstreet Rocks?

A: We are currently in the pre-rehearsal phase, but hope to have a set list before February.
(I can confirm that they will be playing actual songs on the night)

Q: Many band mates have nicknames for each other, do you have any and if so why?

A: We do. This is largely because many of our real names are unpronounceable.

Q: What was it that brought the group together, any x-factor style auditions?

A: The few volunteers were met with the same resistance as you might expect for a primary school nativity production.

Q: Did you have any falling outs when selecting your set-list for the show?

A: We are resorting to mash-ups in the hope of achieving a consensus.

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals or good luck charms?

A: Group hot yoga.
(Interesting, I might leave it to one of the others to get them out of their dressing room on the night then…)

Q: If you were heading out on a road trip right this minute what is the one item you would each pack?

A: Spiralizer, light sabre, box of nettle tea, slippers and a new identity.

Q: How would you rate your chances of being crowned victor at mallowstreet Rocks?

A: Unless there is a pandemic of the norovirus, we haven’t a cat in hell’s chance.

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