mallowstreet Rocks: Hanging out with the bands - Red Zeppelin

With just two weeks to go until our bands take to the stage at the O2 Academy, Islington, we spent 5 minutes getting to know Red Zeppelin.

Mavericks. Misfits. Disproportionately red headed. These have all been used to describe the motley crew that is Red Zeppelin, a hard rocking, ground shaking, earth shattering symphony of noise and colour. Before the band formed, they wandered the streets, purposeless and alone. Now, they are united by a common goal; to crush all before them and win mallowstreet Rocks. And to drink. The drinks are free, right?

Q: What made you want to join the line-up for mallowstreet Rocks 2016?

A: Sam - For the sex, drugs and Rock and Roll.
Keir - For the Fame and the Glory and the Free Drinks.

Q: Who is your chosen Charity and why have they been selected?

A: Cian - Cancer UK. Because we have a 50% chance of benefiting from what we raise

Q: What is your favourite track on your set list for mallowstreet Rocks?

A: Cian - Grounds for Divorce by Elbow. We were quite close to cutting it from the set list but then we got a drummer and everything changed. Surprisingly although it’s the hardest song we do, it also sounds the best! Although we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Sam - I kissed a girl by Katy Perry. It’s very loud and fun to play, although working in asset liability modelling I’ve never kissed a girl.

Q: Many band mates have nicknames for each other, do you have any and if so why?

A: Cian - Keir is called Juicehead on account of the fact he’s a raging alcoholic! No that’s a joke, we don’t have any nicknames as so far we’ve only had 3 practices and have been concentrating on learning how to play the songs rather come up with nicknames. Perhaps we’ve got our priorities wrong? It’s something we’ll work on before the show.

Keir – No we do have nicknames, just Cian hasn’t been told them. They are: Sam “The Man”, Dave “The Rave”, Hannah “Border” Collier, Keir “The Fear”, and Cian.

Q: What was it that brought the group together, any x-factor style auditions?

A: Hannah - Our inspirational manager James was the driving force behind the project. During early December he corralled whoever was in the kitchen at the time who could play an instrument into the band and that was that. Cian was the natural first choice though, following his star-studded past career on tour with the Wurzels.

Q: Did you have any falling outs when selecting your set-list for the show?

A: Keir - Not really. We had a few songs that sounded like a good idea before we’d played together but then were quickly cut when they sounded atrocious. The set list didn’t cause any grounds for divorce. (Do you see what they did there?)

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals or good luck charms?

A: Sam - 5 pints of Stella

Keir - One ritual is that before every show we try to have at least one “rehearsal”.

Q: If you were heading out on a road trip right this minute what is the one item you would each pack?

A: Hannah – My iPhone

Cian – My guitar

Keir – a pair of trainers

Sam – Earplugs, I’ve heard Cian’s bringing his guitar.

Dave – War and Peace

Q: How would you rate your chances of being crowned victor at mallowstreet Rocks?

A: Sam - I’d definitely say we’ll finish in the top 6

Cian - It depends on what criteria the judges are rating us on. If it’s based on enthusiasm and good looks we’ll win hands down

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