mallowstreet Rocks: Hanging out with the bands - Fidelius Mac

With just two weeks to go until our bands take to the stage on the 11th February, we spent 5 minutes getting to know Fidelius Mac!

Ready to take to the stage for the second year in a row are the boys from Fidelius Employee Benefits:

  • Michael Cox (Head of T&C) – Rhythm Guitar- Michael tackles the role as front man like he does a t&c audit. Goes at it with the gusto of a man on a mission.
  • Lewis Miller (Finance) – Drums – Lewis has played drums all his life it seems. A big Pearl Jam fan, he hits the skins hard and drives the back-line.
  • James Biggs (Head of Employee Benefits) – Bass – Biggsy has rocked countless pubs and clubs over the years, with many “10 men and a dog” experiences. Has previously played Pensions Rocks at The 100 Club and likes to play loud and fast.
  • Tim Lambert – (Head of our Capital Investment Division) – Rhythm Guitar -Tim has dusted off the axe for one more outing after a few years off the circuit. His former band once supported The Levellers in front of 3,000 fans, so this will be a walk in the park.
  • Graeme ("G-Man") Howell - Singer - New to the band, Graeme is a pension consultant at Fidelius. His singing prowess has good pedigree, having previously toured Sweden in a 4-man A Capella group - "skol!"

Q: What made you want to join the line-up for mallowstreet Rocks 2016?

A: We had such a good time in the 2015 event that we were always going to look to do it again.

Q: Who is your chosen Charity and why have they been selected?

A: Our charity for the year is the MS-UK.

Q: What is your favourite track on your set list for mallowstreet Rocks?

A: My personal favourite would have to be London Calling. A punk classic and very apt for such an event!

Q: Many band mates have nicknames for each other, do you have any and if so why? A: I have nicknames for the rest of the band and I am sure they have plenty for me but as I am in Compliance I am sure they would be un-printable!

  • Lewis on the drums is known to me simply as Keith. This is homage to Keith Moon.
  • James on Bass has a rather boring nickname but with a surname of Biggs you can’t call him anything other than Ronnie!!
  • Graeme (Employee Benefits) is our singer this year and when I asked what he sounded like I was told Barry White so he has affectionately been labelled the Walrus of EB.
  • Pete is our lead guitarist and after our first practice he is simply Pete, ‘I don’t like Vox amps’
  • Finally that leaves me and as I have ginger hair and am responsible for the band management (self- appointed) I guess that makes me Malcom McLaren.

Q: What was it that brought the group together, any X-factor style auditions?

A: We aren’t yet a big enough business to do any auditions. It is a simple if you want to have a go then you are in!

Q: Did you have any falling outs when selecting your set-list for the show?

A: There was plenty of vigorous discussion whilst choosing songs and even now I am sure we all have a song or two we would probably prefer to swap for something else.

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals or good luck charms?

A: Based on this year’s event just getting everyone ready behind the stage at the same time would be a good start!

Q: If you were heading out on a road trip right this minute what is the one item you would each pack?

A: It would be some form of mp3/iphone so I could switch off and listen to music.

Q: How would you rate your chances of being crowned victor at mallowstreet Rocks?

A: Originally I would have said slim based on the quality of the bands at this year’s event however the first practice seemed to go far too well, so maybe we aren’t quite such longshots.

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