mallowstreet Rocks: Hanging out with the bands - Close to the Edge

As the epic battle that is mallowstreet Rocks draws ever closer, we thought it may be time to introduce you to our bands. Taking to the stage on Thursday 11th February will be:

  • Prëmiër Crüe
  • Fidelius Mac
  • Close to the Edge
  • Red Zeppelin
  • BlackRocket
  • Artisan Partners House Band

Each week leading up to the show we will be introducing those behind the music as we find out more about these legendary rock bands …. (ahem) title wining hopefuls.

First up it’s…Close to the Edge from Close Brothers Asset Management.

  • Chris Churchill (Vocals)…Head Dealer, Close Brothers asset Management. An Elvis wanabee whose music experience consists of being wheeled out to sing at three weddings (no funerals!)...all of which have been the highlight, and lowlife, of his non-existent music career. Decided it would be fun to join the office band. Soon realised with trepidation the challenge ahead, but hey ho, it’s all for a good cause.

  • Michael Alabaster (Drums)…Head of Channel Support, Close Brothers Asset Management. Many moons go Michael was the drummer in a band from Essex called Clyde. A welcome return to playing live and a step on the road to fame and fortune.

  • Fionn Craven (vocals and bass)…Operations Professional, Close Brothers Asset Management. Currently lead singer and guitarist in a band ( but wanted to challenge myself in playing Bass for the first time. Love it.

  • Ricky Hollowood (Lead Guitar)… Investment Manager, Close Brothers Asset Management. Last played live 25 years ago and curiously the opportunities since have been a bit thin on the ground for unknown reasons (?). Initially offered to play guitar, bass or drums until we found a better offer on the latter two.

  • Andy Buss (rhythm guitar and vocals)… Investment Manager, Close Brothers Investment Management. With no previous experience was challenged by his wife to form a band ten years ago (The Zimmermen) which is still going strong (to everyone’s amazement).

Q: What made you want to join the line-up for mallowstreet Rocks 2016?

A: A rush of blood to the head

Q: Who is your chosen Charity and why have they been selected?

A: Cancer Research

Q: What is your favourite track on your set list for mallowstreet Rocks?

A: The one that doesn’t get us bottled off stage

Q: Many band mates have nicknames for each other, do you have any and if so why?

A: Some of us are so old we struggle to remember each other’s names, let alone nicknames

Q: What was it that brought the group together, any x-factor style auditions?

A: It was more a case of who can do what, then that’s your instrument/vocals

Q: Did you have any falling outs when selecting your set-list for the show?

A: Not that we’re aware, Ricky just turn’s the volume on the amp up and ignores everyone

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals or good luck charms?

A: Check that we’ve remembered to bring guitars and cables, and beer

Q: If you were heading out on a road trip right this minute what is the one item you would each pack?

A: Bus fare home

Q: How would you rate your chances of being crowned victor at mallowstreet Rocks?

A:How very odd, the band were pretty silent on this answer….

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