mallowstreet Rocks: Hanging out with the bands - BlackRocket

With just three days to go until our bands take to the stage on the 11th February, we spent 5 minutes getting to know BlackRocket!

Ready to take to the stage for the third time in four years are the guys and gal from BlackRocket:

  • Jeannette Spaulding (vocals) – Jeannette works in Client Mandate Strategy & Design by day and is a rock goddess by night.
  • Dan Edwards (vocals) – If a member of disbanded One Direction worked in Risk & Quantitative Analysis, Dan would be that member…
  • Stephen Crocombe (guitars) – As BlackRock’s Head of Multi-Asset Stratgies in EMEA, it was perhaps inappropriate when he shouted in a recent band conference call next to the trading floor: “We need to grab our crotches more if we want to win!”
  • Chris Moore (keys) - A Managing Director in BlackRock’s Institutional business, Chris remembers most of our songs the first time they came out as originals in the 60s!
  • Olutayo Osunkule (drums) – Olu is a Nigerian drum god who picks stocks for a living. Go figure.
  • Stephen White (bass) – After dreaming of being a world-famous jazz double bassist as a kid, Stephen is naturally now a Director in Corporate Communications.

Q: What made you want to join the line-up for mallowstreet Rocks 2016?

A: We won in 2014, and after a stint in rehab are making a comeback tour.

Q: Who is your chosen Charity and why have they been selected?

A: Our charity for the year is the JDRF, the diabetes charity. With our current drinking habits, we expect to be using their services in the near future…

Q: What is your favourite track on your set list for mallowstreet Rocks?

A: Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine, which allows us to swear loudly down a microphone. Plus it has a killer riff.

Q: Many band mates have nicknames for each other, do you have any and if so why?

A: Disclosing this information may break certain FCA registration rules, and could be seen as contrary to BlackRock’s values.

Q: What was it that brought the group together, any X-factor style auditions?

A: BlackRocket was started over 10 years ago by one of the founders of our iShares business and has changed members over time. Basically, we’re like The Sugababes of pensions…

Q: Did you have any falling outs when selecting your set-list for the show?

A: No: I told people what we were doing for our set, and then they probably bitched about me behind by back for being tyrannical, which is fine as it’s conflict-free.

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals or good luck charms?

A: Working for an American firm, we like to have a good conference call with New York colleagues between sound check and performance…

Q: How would you rate your chances of being crowned victor at mallowstreet Rocks?

A: We’re just here for the music and to support the various charitable efforts of the various bands participating. But if we won’t win, I’ve pre-loaded a bunch of malicious tweets slagging off Redington and how it was a fix!

(How could you call it a fix with the Minister for Pensions on the judging panel!)

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