Irish Pensions – What We Learned, What’s Next, and The Road Ahead

At mallowstreet, our purpose beyond money is to solve the pensions crisis and to ensure that all individual members receive their promised pensions in full. Yes, it is a big task for a small organisation (we are a team of 12), but we believe that the diversity within the mallowstreet community will help provide an answer.

We help our institutional community members build and strengthen relationships, gain access to top quality education, participate in collaboration initiatives, and facilitate with distribution.

The mallowstreet community is predominantly UK focused (about 95%) which is why were so excited to spend a few days in Dublin with lots of new Irish pension fund members at our first two mallowstreet University Events.

About mallowstreet University

mallowstreet University is a series of events for professionals within the pensions industry, delivering high quality discussions and education in a fun and collaborative way. The aims of each event are:

a.) To deliver highly relevant, educational talks so that trustees, pensions managers (and others), are up to date and informed in these fast changing, volatile markets; and

b.) To foster excellent relationships in the industry between pension fund trustees and providers of financial solutions.

During our time in Dublin, we covered a number of topics including ‘best practice’ for trustee board decision making, and learned how the Irish and UK pensions markets are evolving. Click here to read more about the conversations covered.

The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to returning in 2016.

Expanding the Community

We’ve learned so much from our work in the UK, and are excited to continue to expand the mallowstreet community. If you are based outside of the UK, and would like to learn more about mallowstreet, get in touch at