How to use LinkedIn

This morning, we hosted our first Andy Lopata workshop of 2016: How to use LinkedIn as a Referral Tool

With over 400 million members globally, navigating your way through LinkedIn can be a little daunting for most. A lot of us use LinkedIn to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances and colleagues, past and present. But how can we leverage this huge network to source new business and referrals?

Brand, Brand, Brand

With the potential to be seen by millions of people, what does your LinkedIn profile say about you? After all, it is a public-facing advertisement for you and your brand and so you should spend time and effort constructing a profile that truly reflects you.

My key learning’s from this morning:

. Include Keywords in your profile Title, History and Summary

This will ensure you appear in relevant searches and connect with the right people

. Write a Summary

The majority of delegates in the room this morning did not have a completed summary for their profile

This is important as when you send connection requests, this will be the first thing people can view/read about you

. Professional Headline – does it say what you actually do?

What value can you add for prospective clients?

. Contact Settings – ensure you include all of the relevant key contact information

If you do not want to be approached by head-hunters, you can also state this here

. Testimonials – be targeted

Make sure you only approach those that you have a good existing relationship with and help them tell the story about how you helped them and made a difference

For those of you that were here this morning, we hope you enjoyed the session and we would like to hear more about your key take-aways from this morning. What updates will you be making to your profile?

Save the Date

Our next workshop will be hosted on Thursday, 5th May: “Who knows You”.

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