How to get your Black Belt in Pensions – without any bruises!

mallowstreet: aiming to solve the pensions crisis

At mallowstreet, we are working to solve the pensions and savings crisis by creating a centre of excellence for education and collaboration. At the heart of what we are looking to provide is a platform to assist in the continuing education for Trustees.

We want to make sure trustees are equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions: to draw on the wisdom of the crowd and help increase their self-awareness and self-knowledge to be better decision makers.

Education never ceases to be important

Education and learning are both essential in the ever-changing pensions industry. With moving tectonic plates and an evolving political landscape it is essential that we continue to share information, opinion and expertise amongst our peers and encourage collaboration within the mallowstreet community.

Technology allows people to connect and collaborate

Technology eliminates the immediate constraints of geography and time. As a real-case example, whilst on the ground in Nairobi, The World Bank can use to immediately ‘tap in’ to the UK market and ask for ideas on best practice, and receive valuable insights from an engaged audience. Something that even five years ago was unimaginable.

Combining education and technology

mallowstreet sits comfortably at the intersection between education and technology; as such, we have created a new online learning tool for the trustee community; Black Belt.

This new online learning and assessment tool is constructed around 17 fundamental knowledge and aptitude areas to provide the individual trustee with a granular appraisal of their own capabilities and aptitudes when it comes to their role on the board.

The chief goal and responsibility of the trustee is to serve the best interests of their scheme members. As such, the breadth and depth of the Black Belt survey has been conceived with the member in mind – what are the skills required to represent them at a sophisticated financial, social and ethical degree, and how should a trustee board be constructed to ensure that these requirements are consistently and conscientiously met?

Providing the step forward

It is not expected that all trustees will obtain similar scores across the spectrum, but the ability to recognise one’s strengths and indeed weaknesses will provide the individual with an insight into where they are performing their role to a high standard, as well as the areas in which they would benefit from improvement.

These surveys will be supported by a wealth of information, collateral and educational content on along with a Forum discussion for Trustees to share insight and ask questions of their peers.

It is important to remember that the chief goal and responsibility of the trustee is to serve the best interests of their scheme member.

It is our hope that by bringing together a diverse group of individuals, all trustees will be able to increase their knowledge and understanding, thereby making better decisions, and creating a stronger pensions system.

Black Belt launches tomorrow, 28th July 2016!

Visit for more information and to take part!