Brexit: Taking a closer look at the referendum result

At mallowstreet, our aim is to help solve the pensions and savings crisis. This is now even more important than ever before, as research I've seen shows that defined benefit pensions aggregate deficits have increased £170 billion since Thursday.

A huge challenge is ahead.

We live in truly extraordinary times. Following the vote to leave the EU, and as the country tries to move forward, we face a time of tremendous political uncertainty. A leadership contest is starting in the Conservative party, and continued resignations in the shadow cabinet is throwing up serious questions about the future of the Labour Party and its leader.

Financial markets have declined globally, erasing three trillion dollars from global asset prices while the pound has declined to a thirty year low against the US dollar. Truly remarkable times, triggered by one simple question: should the UK remain a member of the European Union?

This morning, we took a closer look at the Results of the Referendum, and asked what next for the UK?

The discussion that followed tackled big questions. Aside from the political turmoil and trying to work how the UK will actually leave, and the impact of triggering Article 50, a key question remains: Was this a vote about the European Union, or was it actually a vote about something more significant?

Was this actually a vote for people demonstrating that "the system does not work for me?" One thing that is clear, is that the electorate is divided and emotions are still running high as people continue to digest the result.

I am very interested to hear from all mallowstreet members. I would be grateful if you take five minutes to complete the questions in the survey, and we will share the aggregate responses.

Here is the link to the survey - thank you!