BREXIT: So what for the UK Pensions Industry?

Following the fantastic response to the BREXIT survey that we hosted in April, we are hosting a follow up survey to help us gain a deeper insight into the implications of Brexit for the UK pensions industry.

We want to understand what are the key potential benefits and concerns related to the Referendum on the 23rd of June, for our industry specifically.

The results from our earlier survey were signalling that there is a consensus to “Bremain” in the EU and it revealed some interesting insights from the UK institutional pensions industry.

The Results - Executive Summary

• 65% believe that Brexit will be negative for the UK economy

• 27% currently intend to vote to leave the EU but only 14% think the UK will actually leave

• 68% believe that the referendum is ‘a very big deal for the UK’

• Only 25% believe they ‘have a very clear understanding of the arguments for and against’

• 62% believe that if the UK leaves the EU, Scotland will vote to leave the UK

Take part in our new survey

Our latest survey is available here and should take no more than five minutes of your time to complete.

This will close on Friday, 27 May 2016 and we will share the results with the community.

Thank you, and please feel free to share this survey with your colleagues:

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